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2008-10-08 - Georges42Georges42

Yes,we are at home. Thanks to the team of Wikidot for that great help.
As beginner, I have a lot to learn about. I work also in Wikipedia (in spanish, english and french). In wikispaces, in Zoho Wiki (very good). Blogger too and several forums for the parish and for friends or my own religious Institute.
The problems I find:
1.- Few are interested to participate. They like to receive. Not so much to give.
2.- The codes in each type of pages are different: I have to save the codes of each one in notes in ASCII texts.
3.- The webpages have also their own language. I make that pages with my old word (Office 2007).
And i put them with their links. It works too. The later "word" makes all more complicated.
Geocities stays open very shortly. Bravenet is not bad and has also a lot of services.
My prefered site is Livelog: it accepts all my stuff.(It doesn't work well now).
4.- Being an ignorant in Wikidot, I had difficulties to find pages and the wikidot codes.


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