What is Mass?

What is mass, he asked me.
Johnny is a good friend i know 2 years ago in a chat on the net.
He is methodist if I understood well.
I would like to answer on my own way. No deep theology. Only a simple point of view from my faith.
- What is mass, Johnny? I think it is a sign of Christ offering Himself to His father with all the community and the creation He makes participating in each celebration. It is at the same time an eternal and today offering of Christ and His body the church, His community. They call it too a memorial as in the biblical sense: an action of God once and prolongated in all times and in present time.
-Why I use the word sign? Because Christ is alive, convokes us and speaks to us today, offers us and makes us a real communion growing; finally He is the one sending us to mission.
-The mass is more than the local celebration: it has an eternal meaning in heaven and an encarnated presence in all the steps of His people. It is not a simple human rite depending of people. It is His gift. He is there alive; the minister repeats to the people: The Lord with you. The beloved is there with His word, His offering, His soul, His body, His life, His glory and His love of mercy.
The preacher has the mission to facilitate the direct relation between christians and their Lord. The Lord is speaking in each moment and I hope our ears are open and our eyes can see Him present.


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